Any chance I could be added to the reviewers for this book?
English is my primary language and I use vibe.d about 25 work hours a week.

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Hi all!

Did you notice that development of LDC has been a bit slowly in the past? The reason is my book D Web Development, available now for pre-order:

The story behind the book:
Some time after the review of the "D Cookbook" I was asked by Packt Publishing if I would be interested in writing a book about web development with D. By that time I used vibe.d only as a test case for LDC :-) But then I took a closer look at the features of vibe.d and got enthusiastic about it. I agreed to write the book. Hopefully the book shows much fun it is to use D for web applications.

For me writing a book is an incredible experience. It's challenging because I am not a native English speaker. But I am having lot of fun in exploring all the details, creating examples and writing about it. I learned a lot in this process, including some more D programming. :-)

A big thank to all (known and unknown) reviewers, to Andrei for contributing the foreword and all others who helped in one way or the other.

Having finished about 60% of the chapters, the other 40% and the rework due to comments still absorb most of my time. Please be patient if fixing LDC bugsĀ  takes some more time as usual.