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As a long time D fanboy I was known to say "That is quite simple in D" a
lot at work!
Now I was finally able to convience my boss (our CTO) to take a serious
look at D as a replacement for the parts of our infrastructure that use
nodejs right now.
After my series of blog posts about this topic and a short presentation I
did in the office he finally announced quite publicly today that we are in
fact going to use D:

So our next online game will be powered by some parts in D ;)
Exciting times!

Congrats! Looking forward to your dconf talk next year! ;)

Actually I am still crossing my fingers for my submission this year. Do you know something I don't? ^^

No, I just imagined you'd need at least a year for your in-house code to bake before you can present stories from it...? Or has this been going on longer than you let on? :P