January 30, 2007
"Derek Parnell" <derek@nomail.afraid.org> wrote in message news:2bjnrvcmm8o9$.k39bxr2x2c52$.dlg@40tude.net...

> So it seems that D regards characters and
> integers as interchangeable entities, which is just not correct. I know
> that characters are implemented in memory as integers, but they are
> conceptually different things, and just sometimes coders need to treat
> them
> as different things.

I hate this too.  I've ended up writing all kinds of ugly templates to deal with this problem.  I also really like this one:

static assert(is(bool : dchar));

This passes.  This caused a very difficult-to-find bug in MiniD, because never in a million years would I have expected bool to be implicitly convertible to dchar.

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