December 02, 2009
On 01.12.2009 6:33, Bill Baxter wrote:
> Perhaps Walter just doesn't really know what tags are or what they are good for.

I've always had the feeling that Walter doesn't actually use svn as a tool for his work.  He just checks in stuff when he's done.  That would explain why he doesn't add tags, or why he used to commit several unrelated fixes together, why his commit messages until recently were a bit terse, etc.

Maybe he uses another VCS in addition to svn, or maybe he hasn't discovered what a great tool a VCS is for coding?

Sorry if I'm completely off the mark here, but I've been wondering about this for a while.
December 02, 2009
Sean Kelly wrote:
> It's easier because it could be built into the Druntime/Phobos makefiles and not rely on a release script or manual effort to actually happen.

Are you saying that a SVN one-liner once per release requires too much effort on Walter's side?

Apart from that, I don't quite see how you proposed solution would solve the orginal problem – the whole point behind having tagged releases is having _SCM_ support for comparing versions, etc…
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