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[Issue 19096] [REG 2.061] Proper error messages are not shown for templates that go beyond two deep, wrongly says no template overload matches
Jul 20, 2018
Oct 10, 2018
Nicholas Wilson
Feb 23
July 20, 2018

--- Comment #1 from Joakim <> ---
Ah, I finally figured out why, if I comment out the last constraint on toImpl,
`is(typeof(parse!T(value)))`, I get the right error with `dmd -version=broken

frontend.d(12): Error: variable anydigits is shadowing variable
frontend.parse!(real, string).parse.anydigits     frontend.d(35): Error:
template instance `frontend.parse!(real, string)` error instantiating
           frontend.d(42):        instantiated from here: toImpl!(real, string)

I'm unsure what that last constraint is supposed to accomplish, make sure parse() compiles and returns a type? It still used to print a useful error up till 2.060, but I'll leave it up to someone who knows the compiler better whether this should be considered a regression.

October 10, 2018

Nicholas Wilson <> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Nicholas Wilson <> ---
The usage of is(typeof(parse!T(value))) follows a common pattern in phobos:
namely to specify external dependencies of the function. (e.g. `all` has
`is(typeof(unaryFun!pred(range.front))` in its constraint)
toImpl uses parse and so specifies that in its constraint.

This has the obvious effect of invalidating the template's candidacy which is needed because D doesn't do SFINAE.

This is not a regression, just an unfortunate side effect of the above. On that note, my DIP[1] would make it immediately obvious that parse!T(value) is where the problem lies.


February 23

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--- Comment #3 from RazvanN <> ---
Compiling this with git master yields:

onlineapp.d(42): Error: template onlineapp.toImpl cannot deduce function from
argument types !(real)(string), candidates are:
onlineapp.d(23):        toImpl(T, S)(S value)
  with T = real,
       S = string
  must satisfy the following constraint:

This is expected behavior from the compilers' point view. There is a constraint that is not satisfied and that is exactly what the compiler is reporting; since the constraint is an is expression, the errors are gagged and the shadowing is not reported.

It could be argued that this is a phobos regression, however, as Nicholas pointed out, the purpose of that check is to make sure that you are able to instantiate `parse`, otherwise you might get errors from the innards of `parse` that will leave most of the standard lib users scratching their head.On the other hand, right now, things are very clear: you are not able to instantiate the toImpl template because you are failing the is constraint. If you want to find out more you can manually call it or compile with -verrors=spec.

Closing as WORKSFORME.