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April 30, 2009
[Issue 2915] New: [Patch]: Optimize -a*-b into a*b

          Summary: [Patch]: Optimize -a*-b into a*b
          Product: D
          Version: 1.043
         Platform: PC
       OS/Version: Windows
           Status: NEW
         Keywords: patch, performance
         Severity: enhancement
         Priority: P2
        Component: DMD

This is a simple patch for a simple optimisation.

int main(string[] args) {
   real x = args.length == 2 ? 6.0 : 4.0; // just to defeat the optimiser
   real y = -x*-x;
   return cast(int)y;  
From existing DMD, y=-x*-x is:
               fld     tbyte ptr [ESP]
               fld     tbyte ptr [ESP]
               sub     ESP,8
               fmulp   ST(1),ST
With patch:
               fld     tbyte ptr [ESP]
               fld     tbyte ptr [ESP]
               fmulp   ST(1),ST
               sub     ESP,8

It's not a huge win, but it's a move in the right direction.
(You can see several other problems with the optimiser in this code. The second
load of x is unnecessary, it should just be fmul ST(0), ST; And the first load
is unnecessary since x was in ST(0) before the start of this code. Which means
the store of y was also unnecessary. This therefore takes us from 6
instructions to 4; optimal is one instruction).

April 30, 2009
[Issue 2915] [Patch]: Optimize -a*-b into a*b

------- Comment #1 from  2009-04-30 02:11 -------
Created an attachment (id=343)
--> (
Patch against DMD2.029

Applies to integer, real, complex and imaginary types. Causes no FP problems
because change of sign is an exact operation (no rounding ever occurs).

July 09, 2009
[Issue 2915] [Patch]: Optimize -a*-b into a*b

Walter Bright <> changed:

          What    |Removed                     |Added
            Status|NEW                         |RESOLVED
        Resolution|                            |FIXED

--- Comment #2 from Walter Bright <>  2009-07-09 02:48:49 PDT ---
Fixed dmd 1.046 and 2.031

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