February 10, 2013
On Sunday, 10 February 2013 at 07:06:47 UTC, Marco Leise wrote:
> I'm far from a core DMD developer, so I don't understand your
> dependence on Walter's full attention to D2. I'm just saying
> it seems legit to me, to keep Don & Co. on board. I'd just
> drop making D1 releases as a compromise.

It seems legit to me, too. I fully understand the desire to continue supporting D1: there are still real users with real needs. I'm just confused since we were told that D1 would be discontinued at the start of this year.

Walter and Andrei's time is precious because they are the only people that can make final decisions about the language, and there's many, many decisions that still need to be made: property syntax, shared semantics, copy constructors, ref semantics, auto ref, accessibility vs. visibility, allocator design etc.  Any time spent merging changes into D1 is time not spent fixing issues with D2.

Anyway, I'm flogging a dead horse here. Clearly D1 is still going to be supported, and me ranting on the forums isn't going to change that.
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