March 11, 2005
jicman wrote:
> J C Calvarese says...
>>>Is there any way we could get it?  Or at least make it a future direction for
>>>DMDScript to be implemented in said future?
>>Since Walter has released the source for the D version, we have more options
>>than we used to. If someone can figure out how to implement a function in D,
>>then Carlos Santander can add it to Walnut (and Walter may even decide to add it
>>to his source).
>>But now that I've seen how the C++ version of DMDScript can actually do some
>>COM, I'm not sure how feasible it's going to be. 
> But Python and Perl can open a browser and a Word Document and an Excel
> spreadsheet and...  So, if they did it, why can we?  The other nice thing would
> be to have d also have this functionalities!  Man, I would be in love again...

Yeah, it should be easier. In a perfect world. Python's handling of COM (with the proper extras installs) works fine. I think Walter is more concerned about getting the bugs out of the D compiler than polishing off DMDScript. And that's how I'd prefer him to devote his time, too. ;)

Good news in another thread: Carlos Santander seems to be making good progress at figuring  out late binding (

Also (since you mentioned Python), I think Python is written in C (might be C++). In either case, Python is open source so viewing their tricks at implementing COM might be useful.

Justin (a/k/a jcc7)
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