March 09, 2005
Kris wrote:

> FWIW ~ the Mango pickling is actually a whole lot faster than "managed"
> serialization (as Java has), and just about as convenient for non-trivial use
> (efficiency is often a notable factor in serialization). Would still be better
> to have full reflection though -- perhaps in 2.0?

That sounds just great, reminds me to check out whether Mango 1.2 compiles now ? Just awaiting a new version of GDC, before I do it.

And of course some available spare time to do it, still reading
up on the changes that JDK 1.5 brought to that part of the woods...

March 15, 2005
pragma wrote:
> In article <d0n47c$2frl$>,
> =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Anders_F_Bj=F6rklund?= says...
>>>For example, see Mango's Pickling interface for a solid example of object serialization in D.
>>Ah, thanks. Strange name for that particular interface, don't you think?
> I have to admit, the first time I read through Kris' source, I dismissed
> 'Pickle' for having such an odd name.  However, the concept of actually
> 'pickling' an object is an apt metaphor for the process.  Also, it originated in
> the python language and has cropped up as a boost module. ..
> - EricAnderton at yahoo

Actually, pickling is a whole lot older than Python.  The first time I ever ran into is was in LBL during the 1970's or 80's.  (I didn't touch it...but then that wasn't my need.  Still, it existed and was in use under that name.)

I suspect that the implementation language was Fortran.
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