May 02, 2005
"Sean Kelly" <> wrote in message news:d50f1t$s4m$
> In article <d4ntes$tm5$>, Maxime Larose says...
> >
> >- There are some undocumented requirements for StackWalk and I need a
> >CONTEXT. Apparently, a valid CONTEXT can only be obtained when: (1) the
> >thread is sleeping or (2) an exception is raised.
> Look at std.thread and/or internal.gc.gcx.  One of those grabs a CONTEXT structure in Windows builds.  This is used to get stack pointers for
> collection.
> Sean

I checked std.thread: nothing. In internal.gc.gcx, the CONTEXT is gotten with GetThreadContext. Problem there is that the thread must be stopped for the CONTEXT to be valid...

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