May 05, 2005
>> I've recalled that I have nice html wysiwyg editor :))
>> The fastest editor in the block, btw, :-P
> LOL... I looked at BlockNote site just now and thought, hmmm... I've seen this style of GUI before ... then I saw the " Andrew Fedoniouk. Author of the BlockNote."
> Nice product.

Thanks, Derek.

David Glazman in his NVU
( is also using this layout and GUI style.
He is even trying to reproduce BlockNote's rulers
But his is sticked with Gecko engine ;-)


May 06, 2005
> Consensus ? You must be new around here :-)

Is it really so bad ?:)

Thanks for links, Anders.

May 06, 2005
Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:

>>Consensus ? You must be new around here :-)
> Is it really so bad ?:)

Bad and bad... Let's just say it's definitely not boring. ;-)

And while most of it comes from people with different ideas
and opinions on how things "should be done", a fact is that
D (just like C++) *encourages* multi-paradigm programming...
And that tends to rub off on other things too. Like comments.

But I think "majority" is more likely to have, than "consensus" ?
And sometimes even majority on for instance this newsgroup doesn't
have much effect, since D is not being decided by eg. a committee.
For better, and for worse. (at least it's a horse, and not a camel)

Anyway, I gave my opionionated suggestion. "JavaDoc", more or less.

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