October 23, 2005
Ant wrote:
> I made my cocobolo silent practice violin:
> http://www.lisdev.com/violin/
> for me it's truly outstanding;)
> (I am (was) a pianist, not a violinist)
> Ant

Wow ... nice work!
October 24, 2005
pragma wrote:
>>I've always been intrigued by the relationship/overlap between music and programming ~ I mean, in my limited experience, it seems like engineers often have a noted musical interest. Anyone have an idea why that might be? Are musicians Nerdy? 
> There's an undeniable link between the two, especially when it comes to us
> programmers (especially in this newsgroup, as a long thread last year showed).
> If you ask me, I really think it has to do with the role the right-brain plays
> in how it shapes personality and the ability to handle abstract concepts.

Yep, music is all about patterns and formulas, whose recognition and handling ability is a necessity for musicians.

Coincidentally I've played guitar for about ten years, part of that time in a band. I still try to do some home recording, but recently I've been rather pressed for time. Not to mention that my recording hardware (=PC) needs some serious updating.

Niko Korhonen
SW Developer
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