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December 03, 2005
Re: DMD 0.140: Pure magic!
Don Clugston wrote:
> By presenting members (of modules, templates, classes and structs, maybe 
> even functions) as an array of constant char [] identifiers and char [] 
> mangled typenames, you could have *full* compile-time reflection.
Compile-time reflection was something I was thinking about too, as it 
would be very useful. For instance one could make a generic Serialize 
mixin template that would save any class/struct to a certain media (like 
a file, or stream).
However, from what I understand from your example above, that method 
would only give "read-only" reflection as you would only have available 
the member's names/signature, and, at least for fields (and virtual 
functions too, I think?), that would not be enough to access it (you 
would need offset info, right?).

> I suspect this would be by far the easiest way of implementing it, too.
> Although walking the syntax tree before compilation is complete sounds 
> perilous. Could it ever be done safely? (I wonder if any other languages 
> have done it successfully?)
Sounds perilous? Why? And I wouldn't call it "walking the syntax-tree", 
it's not that permissive.

Bruno Medeiros - CS/E student
"Certain aspects of D are a pathway to many abilities some consider to 
be... unnatural."
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