October 19, 2006

I'm a newbie for D, so I can't tell where is the error.
I have two modules, one named "telnet" and one named "element". I import
"telnet" into "element":
static public import telnet;
In module "element" I define a class and a few functions like these ones:
public class oElement
 { ... }
char[] gotoxy(int x, int y)
 { ... }
char[] highlight(int on = 1)
 { ... }
I've tested the module (as a program) and it worked fine (using module
"telnet" also).
Then I wanted to import "element" in a new (future) module:
public import element;
If I don't use anything from "element" in main() it works fine. But when I
want to create an instance of oElement using new the compiler fails:
Error 42: Symbol Undefined __Class_7element8oElement

What do I do wrong?

Thanks for your help.
October 19, 2006
compile with
dmd telnet element //and switches
or use build (or bud)
build telnet // and switches
October 19, 2006
>compile with
>dmd telnet element //and switches

Thx, this one works for me.

>or use build (or bud)
>build telnet // and switches
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