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December 14, 2006
Stewart's Utility Library 0.03 release
I've lately found myself adding code to my apps to get around the stdin
bug in Win9x.

And so I've decided to write a few classes to do this automagically.
The new smjg.libs.util.console is a layer over the C file API,
specifically for stdin, stdout and stderr, which autodetects whether to
apply the fix and also deals with the other Windows I/O problem:
translation between the OEM codepage and UTF-8.

(No, I hadn't given up on developing TextStream for Indigo - just got
too tied up in other projects.  But what I've written is something for
the meantime at least.)

Also new to version 0.03 is a hash set template.  Oh, and an update or
two to current DMD.

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