January 31, 2007
Rick Mann wrote:
> torhu Wrote:
>> If you link dynamically with the C lib, you are supposed to to add 'export' too, even if it works without that in some cases.
> "export" just before the rest of it, I suppose?
> Can you tell me how "export" changes things? It's working right now without it, and I don't see where it is in the spec...

export is mentioned on these pages, the first two being most relevant to what you're doing:


I don't know much more than what's on those pages.  But like I said, some variables seem to link correctly without 'export'.  Which ones might depend on the compiler or linker you're using.

Using 'export' means that you can't link statically to the C lib and expect things to work.  Not sure what to do about that, I just use search and replace to remove export.
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