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February 16, 2007
Re: DMD 1.005 release
Don Clugston wrote:
> Isn't it always going to be true that the scope where stringof is 
> applied, could be different from where it is mixed in?


> That's why I figured that the concept of symbolnameof (the minimal 
> descriptor in the scope) was different from qualifiednameof (valid in 
> any scope). Of course, you've got access to much more information than I 
> did, so perhaps there's a cleaner solution.

It obviously needs more work <g>.
February 16, 2007
Re: DMD 1.005 release
Bruno Medeiros wrote:
> Erm, shouldn't T.stringof be "T" and not "Abc" nor even "Foo.Bar.Abc"?

There wouldn't be any point to that.
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