April 21, 2007
On Fri, 20 Apr 2007 01:39:12 +0300, Frank Benoit (keinfarbton) <benoit@tionex.removethispart.de> wrote:

> Walter Bright schrieb:
>> Frank Benoit (keinfarbton) wrote:
>>>> allClasses is already there, see Classinfo.find().
>>> Didn't know about it :)
>>> Now i can test if "org.eclipse.swt.SWT.SWT" exists.
>>> If so, is there a way to call the static method "static_this()"?
>> In the module info, there should be an array of the static constructors.
> I cannot use them, because of circular dependencies. This is, why i
> "manually" call "static_this()" methods (note the underscore) in a
> defined order.

Speaking of circular dependencies, those are quite annoying. Would it be possible to add a module/static constructor modifier keyword like "standalone" (doesn't depend on the static constructors of imported modules) or "depends" (which allows to enumerate the modules this [module's] static constructor[s] depend on)?

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