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May 05, 2007
Re: no property 'opCall' for type ... what am I doing wrong?
Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
> "Daniel Keep" <> wrote in message 
> news:f1hkrr$o19$
>> Weird; you're right.  It does work.  I *swear* it didn't used to, tho.
>> I remember having to work around the problem for a library I was writing
>> and being a bit annoyed at the time...
>> Oh well.
> Sure you weren't trying to return the address of a parameter at the time? 

I was trying to do one of two things: I was either trying to cast an
inout argument into a ubyte[] or back, or trying to take the address of
an argument, convert it to a ubyte[], then return a .dup of it.
Basically, I was trying to do blind byte copies.

	-- Daniel

int getRandomNumber()
   return 4; // chosen by fair dice roll.
             // guaranteed to be random.

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