July 07, 2007
Matthias Thurau wrote:
> Hello,
> I created the site http://d.whosme.de ! I just want you to know. There you can find some Movie Tutorials on how to begin programming in D. Its Multilanguage: german and english so far.
> The next Tutorials will contain more programming related stuff.
> bye

Would be so useful for new people, Walter should put a link on the dcompiler.html page.

July 09, 2007
Matthias Thurau wrote:
> Ok, i can see, that its blue on grey! :) The blue on green was so little, that i didn t know what you mean. I thing its good to read. But as you say so, i changed it. I just put it some pixels up. Thanks for your critique!

That's all it needed. ;)  It looks 100% better now.

(off to lean about Code::Blocks)

- EricAnderton at yahoo
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