March 21
Hello, everyone

I would say that disallowing uninitialized variables is a great way increase correctness in a program. Still, I can't seem to find a way to force my members/variables to always be initialized. See, for example:

class Enemy{
    int strength;
    int health;

    this(int strength){ /*oops, forgot to ask for health*/)
        this.strength = strength;

void main(){
    Enemy enemy1; //enemy1 is null, which is asking for a segfault/null pointer exception
    auto enemy2 = new Enemy(123); //enemy2 starts with health == 0

Am I missing something here? Or is there no way to have initialization be guaranteed by the compiler? I know that uninitialized variables will be set to their respective .init, but that doesn't help me at all when I add something to a class and forget to put initialization code into the constructor.

Thank you,
March 21
Maybe if you teach dparse to do this check.