September 29, 2007
Op Sat, 29 Sep 2007 13:21:20 -0400
schreef Jordan Miner <>:

> As far as GTKD and DUI, I would never in a million years consider using GTK, as it looks horrible on Windows

Did you see/use the GTK-Wimp skin?


September 30, 2007
That sounds interesting! Make it fully skinnable (so it can look like the native platform), and you'll have yourself a jolly audience :)

Besides, Cairo is teh shizzle ;p

Any screenshots so far?

"Jordan Miner" <> wrote in message news:fdm1ig$110n$
>I have been writing a GUI library from scratch in D for over a year now. Of course, I would like it to become the most popular GUI for D (who wouldn't?), but regardless I have had fun working on it and using it for my own programs.
> Here is what I think about the current GUI libraries:
> My problem with DFL is that since it uses native Windows controls and
> copies Windows Forms so much IMO it would be difficult to get working
> right on Linux and Macintosh. Other than that, I think it works great on
> Windows.
> As far as GTKD and DUI, I would never in a million years consider using
> GTK, as it looks horrible on Windows (and probably Macintosh).
> Does DWT have a different API on each platform? If so, that rules it out
> for me.
> With wxD, since wxWidgets uses native controls, it looks good on every
> platform most of the time and already works on Windows, Linux, and
> Macintosh. I don't really like its API, but if I were not writing my own
> library, I would probably use wxD.
> Note that I have never used any of these libraries, but I have looked at
> documentation and examples. And I have used programs that use their
> underlying libraries (GTK, SWT, wxWidgets).
> For my library, I decided to not use native controls, partly to make it easier to port and use on different platforms and partly for flexiblity. I already have working Windows and X backends, and partially implemented buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, tabs, text boxes, themes, file and directory dialogs, and clipboard support. For graphics, I am using the cairo graphics library
> My biggest goal is ease of use and the ability to do tasks with the shortest, simplest code. I do not want a large, bloated library, and, so far, the GUI part is only about 5,000 LOC. I believe 20,000 LOC for a GUI library is more than enough. (for most features, anyway. There are lots of features a GUI library could have that would be nice, but not necessary, such as an SVG renderer.)
> Bill Baxter Wrote:
>> If you're going to make THE gui for D (or any language), then you'd
>> better be prepared to embark on a 5-10 year, or perhaps even life-long
>> project.  You'll need to make frequent releases.  And you better respond
>> to people's questions.  Not just this week but for the next 5-10 years.
>>   And have a bug tracker and use it.  And treat people's patches as
>> precious, either telling them why you're rejecting them or incorporating
>> them ASAP.  And write lots of documentation and tutorials and example
>> programs demonstrating your library.
> I agree. All of this is important for a widely used library.
> I cannot see myself stopping work on this project, as I am fairly addicted
> to using computers, and this is something that I really like doing. I do
> work on it in my spare time and am in college, but I have still done a lot
> in the last year. I have not released it yet, but when I do, I would like
> to get other people involved. I still have a few things to do before I put
> it on the internet, such as get the Windows and X backend to have the same
> functionality, fix the naming convention, move to tango, and get a final
> name.
> (How's Daimyo? It is short and starts with a D.
> )

September 30, 2007
Yigal Chripun wrote:

> Tomas Lindquist Olsen wrote:
>> Yigal Chripun wrote:
>>> IMHO, you are right about NOT having a standard GUI library as part of D. however, regarding the current options we have - it not a trivial task to install any of them, in the sense that dsss net install should be all i need to start using any of them.
>> dsss net install minwin
> actually i've done just that a few days ago and while it did install it didn't work for me. had problems with the the imports or something like that. does minwin work with tango? (i prefer to use tango myself)

MinWin is currently Phobos only. I do plan to update it to work with both libraries soon though.
October 01, 2007
Bruno Medeiros wrote:
> Daniel Keep wrote:
>> Walter "blessed" DWT (I believe it was) and... it promptly died.
>> Granted, we've got Tioport making excellent progress now, but I don't
>> think Walter wants to bless any particular library that he himself isn't
>> responsible for.
>> As for getting the community to agree on one, good luck on that.  I
>> remember lots of threads about designing a community-standard, and no
>> one could agree on something as basic as: should it owner-draw or use
>> native widgets.  Both sides have very good, solid arguments for them.
>> And people in general have a habit of (sometimes violently) backing
>> their very good, solidly justified team. :)
> Nor will there ever be an agreement on those issues, just as there isn't outside of the D community. It seems to be kinda like static vs. dynamic languages where everyone has a favorite that more adequately suits them, but no objective best one.
> Still, I think it would be reasonable to hope that at least in each category, there could be a standard (as in, de facto) GUI library.

I think so too. A case I'm particularly interested in is an owner-draw control.
(an example I have in mind is a x-y chart).
I'd hope for significant code reuse, regardless of whether such a control is used inside a framework which use native-widget or owner-draw for the basic widgets. Surely we can do that.
October 02, 2007
On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 20:39:54 +0300, Max Samukha <> wrote:

> I'm trying to use DFL but
>it seems to be developed and maintained by one person, is Windows-only and very alpha.

I was accused of badmouthing DFL and want to apologize for the emotional 'very alpha'. It's not like that. It just lacks a couple of useful widgets that are being developed or going to be developed and has some issues that get fixed as soon as they are reported.
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