November 06, 2007
torhu Wrote:

> I tested your code and got this:
> Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION(0xc0000005) at (0x00930f80)
> ->us
> #0 ?? ()
> #1 0x00405191 in MFZi () from thread
> #2 0x0040fd99 in ___threadstartex@4 () from threadex
> ->
> Something's wrong, but I'm not sure what. res is correctly put on the heap, so it's not that.

Well, I suppose I should have prefixed that code with the statement that it was untested.  At the time, I was overcome by exuberance and posted the snippet from the school CS labs without access to a DMD 2 compiler.

I won't have time to examine it more carefully until I get back from a trip this Friday.