November 16, 2007
Jarrod wrote:
> == Quote from torhu
>> To get started, just replace 'dmd' in your command line with 'rebuild',
>> but leave out all .d files except the one with your main function in it.
>>   Rebuild comes with dsss, and is what dsss uses for the actual
>> building.  Later, you can have a look at what features dsss adds on top
>> of rebuild.
> Holy crap, it uses the power of black magic and just makes it all work.
> Wow this tool is fantastic. Thanks a lot!
> Jarrod.

Also try out the -oqcruft switch on rebuild.  That puts intermediate build products into the 'cruft' subdirectory so you don't have to look at them in your main directory.

DSSS does that automatically.

To use dsss, in the simplest case, just make a one line file called dsss.conf containing the name of your main .d file in brackets.  Like so:

#--------end dsss.conf

Then "dsss build" will build an exe called main.exe from main.d and all its dependencies.

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