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April 25, 2008
Re: Status D dynamic libs?
Bruno Medeiros schrieb:
> Yup. Due to the nature of DLL's, D-to-D shared libraries are never going 
> to work right (unless one restricts the API to C-level constructs only, 
> ie, no classes, no exceptions, etc.).
> That's why a project such as DDL is so important, and it's a shame that 
> Walter does not realize how beneficial such technology would be for D. 
> Anyone who has used libraries with Java or C# (or interpreted high-level 
> languages) knows how comfortable it is not having to worry about any of 
> such issues, and still have the full power of the language available 
> across libraries.

And even if .so on linux can do most of the stuff DDL does, it would be 
good to have a toolchain that works on all plattforms in the same way.

That would also mean that the binary format is defined in the D language 
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