April 25, 2008
Bruno Medeiros schrieb:
> Yup. Due to the nature of DLL's, D-to-D shared libraries are never going to work right (unless one restricts the API to C-level constructs only, ie, no classes, no exceptions, etc.).
> That's why a project such as DDL is so important, and it's a shame that Walter does not realize how beneficial such technology would be for D. Anyone who has used libraries with Java or C# (or interpreted high-level languages) knows how comfortable it is not having to worry about any of such issues, and still have the full power of the language available across libraries.

And even if .so on linux can do most of the stuff DDL does, it would be good to have a toolchain that works on all plattforms in the same way.

That would also mean that the binary format is defined in the D language spec.
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