December 21

This applies to dmd version v2.106.0-dirty under Windows.
Module containing several functions with unittests, no 'main' function.
Was testing ok some time ago, producing '1/1 modules PASSED unittests' message.


 dmd -main -unittest -run <modulename>

produced nothing, just a return to the command prompt.
(FWIW no corresponding .obj or .exe files in directory)

So, reversed one of the unittests to produce failure, and repeated.
Same result. (Suggesting unittests not being run).

Then reset unittest, and ran without the -run.
Saw .obj and .exe files.
Ran .exe: no messages.

Then (maybe this sheds some light) changed the test to produce failure, ran without -run, then ran resulting .exe
And got

1/1 modules FAILED unittests

Has there been some sort of change to the -unittest function?

December 21

On Thursday, 21 December 2023 at 10:38:16 UTC, DLearner wrote:
And now, returning to the problem after several hours Christmas shopping, everything seems to work perfectly!