June 15, 2008
Sascha Katzner wrote:

> Lutger wrote:
>> You could look at the library code and projects at dsource that is being written. Most projects and almost every big project uses Tango. That is maybe even more important than the number of users.
> If a specific project is significant or not is a highly subjective decision and the pure count of projects which depend on either Phobos or Tango doesn't say much about the real spread or significance of either one.

Sure I agree, there is no objective measure, picking any criteria is somewhat arbitrary and biased. I don't think anyone here has even measured anything. But if such objectivity would be a requirement, we would be powerless to make any assertion whatsoever, since even picking the criteria is a biased act.

Yet it really isn't all that relevant imho. It's undeniably that Tango is important enough to D programming that it has it's place in the D programming landscape for at least, let's say a significant number of people. It's also fact that phobos is still relevant and has even picked up speed since D2.

Hopefully when D2 is getting finalized, this issue will be void and null for the better of D.

June 16, 2008
Lutger wrote:
> Hopefully when D2 is getting finalized, this issue will be void and
> null for the better of D.

RAmen to that, brother! :)

June 18, 2008
Erik Lechak wrote:

> Hello all,
> I just started documenting my trip down the D learning curve.  For anyone that's interested or if your a newbie and don't want to repeat my mistakes take a look at :
> http://www.lechak.info/wiki/index.php?title=D_Language
> If you have anything to add or can clarify anything please don't hesitate to add to the wiki.
> Thanks,
> Erik Lechak

I'd just like to note that you can download the compilers from the Tango pages too, in which case they come with Tango instead of Phobos (some downloads do have Tangobos though).

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