September 20, 2008
On Fri, 19 Sep 2008 19:16:41 +0100, Chris R. Miller <> wrote:

> Robert wrote:
>> I code super-server in D(simple implementation of something like "inetd" does). To select attempt of connection I use modules of class Selector. My problems:
>> - how super-server can realize the port of connection request of the client, to provide proper request-handle procedure?
>> -after "fork" do I just trigger "exec" with proper server as an argument of the function   ?
>> -should I trigger everything via TCPD? (because simple version with exec(serverd,....) doesn't work properly on my ubuntu)?
>> - to close all file descriptors I have problem with usage of NOFILE const or RLIMIT_NOFILE?
>> how this thing should look in D?
>> Thanks for any tips.
> This is the definitive guide for server programming on UNIX platforms. Note that most of these functions are hiding in unistd.h.  You can get them by importing the D bindings to the C standard library.

Ah 2001 before spelling hit the internet. Its nice to have standarts.

That's a handy link.
Its also work looking at Stevens - "Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment":

And the art of unix programming is woth a read too:
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