October 16, 2008
We will be contributing both the in-place COM server implementation as well as our trick to allow for embedding DWT. I'll try to put some stuff together before the weekend. I just need to make sure I exclude work-specific code so I'm not violating any policies at the job.

"yidabu" <yidabu.spam@gmail.com> wrote in message news:20081015192013.3d783c34.yidabu.spam@gmail.com...
> On Tue, 14 Oct 2008 18:28:26 -0400
> "sleek" <cslush@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Threading issues have been resolved. Basically we needed to create a
>> shell
>> that parented an HWND we were provided. We tried using display.syncExec
>> which worked until we attempted the Shell.win32_new ... apparantly you
>> can't
>> create a window that parents an HWND from a different thread. So instead,
>> in
>> the syncExec, we create a new normal shell, create an OleFrame that
>> parents
>> the shell. After the syncExec, we now have a shell object with a bogus
>> hwnd.
>> So what we do is a simple Windows function call:
>> SetParent(shell.handle,
>> hwndParent). voila, problem solved. DWT is making me happy again
> How about post simple sample code for the trick?
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