April 04, 2009
TomD Wrote:

> After a couple of miniutes googling around this seems
> to be a bug in ld. Some aritlcles from 2007 or so
> recommend to downgrade to binutils 2.15 from 2.16.
> *If* your installed binutils is 2.16, you may give it a try.
> Ciao
> Tom

After a bit harder googling I found
On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 12:19:05PM -0500, Albert Chin wrote:
[about references to local symbols in discarded sections causing a
link error]
> Is the behavior in binutils-2.17+ correct?

Well, the linker can't guarantee to fix up the reference to point to the proper location in the kept section.  Just considering the linker in isolation, I think it warrants an error.  However, I thought this gcc bug had been fixed long ago, but if this is occurring with 4.0.2, perhaps we ought to downgrade the error to a warning again.  (I'm assuming that the reference was from C++ code rather than assembly, and that your .a was actually compiled with 4.0.2)

> If so, how do we work around this issue?

Pass --noinhibit-exec to the linker.


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