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October 13, 2009
Re: Goodbye
Jarrett Billingsley Wrote:

> "Nick B" <> wrote in message 
> news:hb03jf$24de$
> > Jarrett Billingsley wrote:
> >> "Jarrett Billingsley" <> wrote in message 
> >>
> >>> I'm done. After seeing how Andrei is behaving, I really am done. Bye.
> >>
> >> Just to clarify, yes, I will still maintain my current projects. But as 
> >> far as D and its development goes, I am well and truly finished. You do 
> >> your thing, Andrei. Have fun.
> > For the record, and before you go off into the sunset, what exactly, are 
> > you objecting to ?
> Hm, could it be years of constant, repeated disappointment with the 
> leadership? The utter lack of community input on many important features? 
> The antiquated, closed development model? Or maybe just the shitty 
> toolchain, shitty rift between "standard" libraries, and shitty third-party 
> libraries?
> But what's really been chafing my ass for the past year or so has been 
> Andrei and his astronomical ego. This is the post that broke *this* camel's 
> back:
> You might also be interested in these self-written bios by a man who might 
> as well describe himself as the goddamn savior of modern programming 
> practice.
> I can't, in good conscience, support a language that has someone like this 
> at the wheel. Sorry. 

Giving him crap for what OTHER PEOPLE have written about him seems a bit hypocritical considering the way you talk yourself up in the "WHAT I AM INTERESTED IN" section at the top of .
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