February 02, 2010
Yigal Chripun wrote:
> Personally, I prefer paper for stuff that's meant for long-term use and digital for one-offs. newspaper is a prime example of what not to do - either you pollute by printing daily on new paper or you provide a crappy experience with recycled paper. This is IMO a prime example where digital is better. YMMV

I've made a large effort to reduce my file cabinets and boxes full of old papers to digital form. For me it's an issue of trying to get free of clutter, and have the stuff in an easily searchable form.

I'm happy to no longer have the mess that subscribing to the newspaper brings. I've also run huge piles of my old magazines through the scanner and then into the recycling.
February 02, 2010
On 31-1-2010 18:08, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
> We were (maybe) able to chase away superdan,

I miss superdan...

February 02, 2010
Ali Çehreli wrote:
> John D wrote:
>> What is your name and address? 
> I was considering about commenting on your missing identity.
> If you want me to take you seriously, you must show me that you are brave enough to use your real name. Only then you can start learning how empty your self-proclaimed C++ understanding is. (I promise that I will teach you.)
> Don't hide behind acronyms either: If you are not brave enough to expand what you mean by "TDPL", I will not take you seriously. Go on! Do it! You can expand it...
> Ali Çehreli
> "a real name :p"

Speaking about undisclosed identity, readers of this NG will no doubt
have some strong views on these new, almost-first-in-the-western-world,
laws that have just come into effect in South Australia.


Rann Government curbs internet debate

During election periods, anyone posting (Internet) comment or blogs must publish their real name and postcode.

Err, umm, my name is Jo Hansson, sir.

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