December 14, 2010
On 02/12/2010 14:53, Don wrote:
> retard wrote:
>> Thu, 02 Dec 2010 12:07:19 +0200, so wrote:
>> I find this D language advocacy in Wikipedia disgusting - clearly, you
>> should document notable features of D, but the main objective cannot
>> be as much visibility as possible.
>> I think that if a language has real technical merits, this kind of
>> worrying about the public image is silly. If you worry about D's
>> notability, write more articles about D and more code in D.
> Well said.
> Actually, I don't think broad publicity for D is desirable at this
> point. Right now, we desperately want library and toolchain developers.
> But the arrival of hordes of app developers who expect a polished
> product, would be a disaster for D.

Well said as well.
In fact, I think this is a particular thing we could be doing more to mitigate criticism of D: to make it more clear that at this stage D is still not mature enough in terms of implementation (perhaps in terms of design as well). For example, a lot of the criticism I saw in the Gentoo forums post (and elsewhere I don't remember where) was because of exactly that: the people were expecting D to be quite mature, at least the compiler.

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