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January 30, 2008
Re: Download page and D docs defaulting to D2
On Jan 30, 2008 1:50 PM, jcc7 <> wrote:
> And there's no reason to push newbies to D 2.x since I'm sure once they start
> coding

It was the other way round for me. I saw the docs (for D2) and thought
"Oooh - look at all the cool new features!".

So I downloaded D, and it didn't work. Turned out it was because I'd
downloaded D1. I had to ask on this forum before I could figure out
how to download D2 and hence get the cool new features.

I'm not to argue "Newbies should get D2". But equally, I think the
rule "Newbies should get D1" is just as wrong. Ideally, the front page
should explain that there are two versions, and then there should be
two links - one taking you to the latest D1 download and docs, the
other taking you the latest D2 download and docs.

But it helps /nobody/ to have the default docs and the default
download be mutually inconsistent!
January 30, 2008
Re: Download page and D docs defaulting to D2
January 30, 2008
Re: Download page and D docs defaulting to D2
On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 23:50:01 -0500, Jarrett Billingsley wrote:

> I've had about eight people come into the D IRC channel in the past week
> asking why xxx was failing, or why something they thought should work
> (constness) didn't.  In every single case, it was either because they
> read the D2 docs, which are the default (FOR SOME REASON), and ended up
> downloading the D1 compiler, or because they downloaded the ancient
> 1.015 D1 compiler which didn't have any bugfixes which have been
> implemented over the past seven months.
> So; this is really starting to come to a head.  I don't know how many
> people have suggested switching the default D docs to the D1 docs.  D2
> is _alpha_ and should be treated as such.  We _need_ to get this
> resolved.
> Secondly, the D1 DMD D compiler download page
> ( should be updated to
> point to the very newest version of the D compiler, or those hardlinks
> should be removed entirely and simply redirected to the changelog, which
> is far more up-to-date and lets people know what's been fixed.

I'm going to pitch in a vote here too. It really does not make sense.
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