January 13, 2012
Thank you very much for all the feedback.

On 01/12/2012 12:05 PM, bls wrote:
> Hi Ali,
> Why not 1) just translate the example code into English.

And make corrections as I naturally need to do that. Over the time the compiler has become less permissive, bugs and limitations have been removed, and features have been added.

The new delegate syntax needs to be added. :)

> 2) Google
> Translate the text and 3) ask the native English speaking D community
> for a helping hand.
> IMO the GOOGLE Turkish to English translation is translatable into
> readable English, without too much effort :)

I don't want to do that for two reasons:

1) I really don't think that Google Translate is good enough.

2) I want the book to sound to be from the same person. It would still be good otherwise, but it would be a wiki.

Let me take this opportunity to remind people of the following page, some of which link to wiki books:


> So instead of wasting time with manual translation, keep your book in
> sync with D2, add some examples.. It's an excellent book about D2 (and
> beside an exercise on how to write programming books in general)
> A+
> Bjoern

Thank you! :)

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