September 24

Here is an update of the progress made during the first week of milestone 1 as part of #SAOC2020.

The plan for the past week was to take the semantic elements out of aliasthis.d and attrib.d. Since these files are short, this served as a way to get accustomed to the structure of the code.

What I have achieved:
- moved resolveAliasThis [1]
- moved getAttributes [2]
- created visitor for newScope [3]

Thank you for the helpful comments left on these pull requests. I now understand the meaning of this project much better and I will reconsider the milestones.

What comes next:
- Finish the work started in the last 2 pull requests.
- Start working on adding start and end locations for AST nodes.

The initial list of milestones can be found here: [4]