December 24, 2012
On 2012-12-23 20:55, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

> I changed the first column from "width: 150pt;" to "min-width: 170pt". It can still wrap, but the
> two columns can now freely fight for the space if they need to.

Looks much better, thanks.

/Jacob Carlborg
December 25, 2012
Am 22.12.2012 00:46, schrieb Andrei Alexandrescu:
> * But by very, very far the community-contributed stuff is just perfect. I really really really hope we can get something like that integrated. There are many ways to approach this:
> - By integrating a wiki page via e.g. an IFRAME.
> - By integrating with github
> - Through a separate custom layer (a la
> - Whatever it is, we'd need some crowdsourcing (voting system etc) such that good community notes go
> up and bad notes go down or get ultimately deleted.

I've integrated Disqus comments in the latest version.

December 25, 2012
On 12/25/2012 08:17 PM, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
> e.g.

Looks good!

BTW the link gives a 404 error (linked from for the boyerMooreFinder Function). Interestingly, the std.algorithm page also links to (BoyerMooreFinder Template) which works.


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