November 12, 2012
Well, I'm happy that it installed fine without complaining that I'm using windows 2000; That is not an issue, I only had to fix the missing implementation of RtlCaptureContext using the Windows 2000 XP API Wrapper Pack.

So I figured I'd hit the examples at \D\dmd2\samples\d and start build.bat.

It turns out that the first example fails because of deprecated character classes.
I'm fixing that, but got stuck at the question of how to implement this:
byte issymbol(char c)
till I discovered "symbols" was defined inside the file, and then it worked.

Surprisingly, most of the other stuff works, too, until I get to:

..\..\windows\bin\dmd winsamp gdi32.lib winsamp.def
winsamp.d(47): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (& WindowProc) of type extern (Windows) int function(void* hW
nd, uint message, uint wParam, int lParam) to extern (Windows) int function(void*, uint, uint, int) nothrow

which pretty much leaves me stumped.
Any ideas what is supposed to happen here?