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March 27

I tried to look around, what ever i try, nothing works

There is a mention of "fully qualified" here: https://forum.dlang.org/post/peb1jj$tr$1@digitalmars.com

But what does that mean?

I tried this:


But it doesn't work

March 27

Anyone got an idea?

Executable built with : dmd -g -debug on windows

On Visual Studio with the visuald addon i can debug the executable and inspect the globals

On VSCode i can debug the executable and inspect locals, but not globals

What does visuald does under the hood to be able to inspect globals?

No, i don't want to use the slow and bloated multi gigabytes Visual Studio just to inspect a variable

I'm starting to loose hope

March 27

If anyone know what is the problem exactly, then please speak up, this problem needs to be reported to the right place fixed so it can be fixed, all languages i tested don't have this issue (c, rust, zig, odin)

D is not a toy language, let's take this issue seriously, shall we? or is it?..

March 28
The person you need is WebFreak and they are not online right now.
March 27
On Monday, 27 March 2023 at 19:31:24 UTC, Richard (Rikki) Andrew Cattermole wrote:
> The person you need is WebFreak and they are not online right now.

On IRC earlier today

[6:43:29 pm] <WebFreak[m]> nope, I haven't gotten globals to work in debugger before
[6:43:33 pm] <WebFreak[m]> I don't think they are emitted
[6:44:02 pm] <WebFreak[m]> on linux I think it might work with CodeLLDB, depending on what compiler you used to compile the executable

I asked about mode details (who didn't emit what?) and where to report the issue, so far question left unanswered

My list of "gripes and wishes" grows larger and larger everyday
March 27
To clarify, i tested both dmd/ldc, they both doesn't work on windows

To clarify even more:

I am a mere user who wants to debug its program on windows using vscode's debugger wich uses msvc

I can debug a c/rust/zig executable without issue and see globals

The problem only happens with dmd/ldc

Is it broken by design for decade and nothing should and could be done about it?

Is the only solution to inspect a global variable is to use visual studio and install visuald plugin?

If i tell you what i'm trying to debug i bet you'll laugh (loading dll compiled using dmd), but that's a story for another day, 1 frustration a day is plenty

March 27
Two questions for the D team:

Does globals have a special syntax? as you can see above i also tried the mangled name inside the PDB (using hex viewer https://github.com/WerWolv/ImHex)

Walter, how do you debug your programs written in D?
March 27
Fore more clarity, all syntax i have tried:

March 28
I've now waste an entire day trying to figure out what's wrong, perhaps trusted D for my projects was a bad idea, i now look like a fool
March 28
Have you tried installing mago?


There are instructions for vs-code in README.
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