December 20

Here is the last update of #SAOC Milestone 3.

The goals set for this milestone were:
- Create a FileManager
- Hide TypeInfo nodes when not needed
- Start adding end locations to the AST nodes

It seems like I underestimated the time needed for schoolwork and ended up working on this project less than originally planned. Progress will most likely be slow this month as well. I will however continue working on these issues even if they are not done by the end of SAOC.

Here is what changed since last week:
- Implemented and integrated into the compiler a FileManager as suggested here [1]. The pull request is still open [2]
- Worked on inserting a UserAttributeDeclarationItem node into the AST to solve the problems with storing the locations of user defined attributes [3]

Next steps:
- Write tests for the location of user defined attributes
- Work on hiding TypeInfo nodes

The tasks I planned for this project can be found here [4]