November 14, 2004
Nothing major, but can be confusing:

Say I stuff up a string concatination:

return "    Name: " ~ name \n
(... some more stuff);

instead of
return "    Name: " ~ name ~ \n

dmd outputs:
> "D:\dmd\bin\dmd.exe" card.d -g -ofmain.exe -debug -v
card.d(217): found '
' when expecting ';' following 'return statement'
card.d(218): found '~' instead of statement

> Terminated with exit code 1.

At first glance this looks like it found a ', which is
another small, but unnecesary (gah, s and c will be the death of me)
hurdle for those new to D (or possibly any language)

(also is it at all possible for errors in with scopes to be
printed a bit better? They generally show symbols in the error lines
in that scope as something like #*(__withSym) + 40 , which
isn't very helpful)

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