December 10
I would like to announce the release of the S2 Geometric Library in the D Programming Language.

Who: This is of interest to engineers who need to process very large amounts of geographic coordinate data very quickly.  E.g. ride-shares, bikes, maps, etc.

What: The S2 Geometric Library was originally developed by Eric Veach from Google to serve as a highly performance geo-spatial library with very high accuracy. It achieves this by keeping coordinates as 3D points which are projected onto the Earth's surface.

Where: DUB Package -

When: Right now, the first version with most features is ready. The remaining features will be added in the following couple of months.

Why: I have used the Java port of this library ( in systems handling thousands of inputs per second with great results.  The Java version, however, is 7 years old, and because performance was my interest, I decided to port this library from it's modern C++ version to D.

How: Lots and lots of work over a long time: