April 06

I have created editor independent pretty printers / visualization files for Visual Studio's debugger*, GDB and LLDB.

The script and setup guide are available here: https://github.com/Pure-D/dlang-debug

If you want to, please try them out, they make each of the debuggers a lot more capable at debugging D! If you find any bugs or tested what is untested in the README, please consider opening issues / making PRs.

The files all add support for:

  • string/wstring/dstring (GDB and VSDBG take length as max length, LLDB can actually read over null bytes)
  • arrays (LDC, partially with DMD)
  • associative arrays (LDC, very partially with DMD)

These debug configurations have been tested with VSCode and will all be bundled with next code-d release. An alpha can be found on Discord. Other editors will also work, Visual Studio can also use the Natvis file.

Additionally these scripts could be used to add debugging support to standard library types / popular data types. If you have ideas for some you commonly use and want to debug, post a reply here or make an issue.

*: only when program is compiled with -gc