May 23
Hi everyone,

at DConf one common concern raised was that it's hard to track the progress on important high-level projects. Furthermore, its also hard for interested contributors to find such projects and judge which ones really matter to the D community. Lastly, the existing wiki pages (wishlist, GSoC project list, vision document etc.) were chronically out-of-date.

Hence, during DConf we created the dlang/projects repository - a collection of impactful projects in the D ecosystem:


We have seeded the repository with the existing projects from the wiki and encourage everyone to vote on them (via GitHub reactions) or express their opinion as this will greatly help us to judge which projects are important to the community.
-> vote for projects that matter to you/your company

Furthermore, everyone is invited to submit new projects to this repository. However, please keep in mind that this repository tries to collect high-level goals and project. A good rule of thumb is that if a project can't be split into smaller parts, it might belong to its respective issue tracker.
-> propose projects that matter to you/your company

Projects marked with the "leadership vision" label are vision projects of the D Language Foundation. These projects are seen as key projects to D's success by the leadership.

As many of the projects ideas will make good GSoC projects, we will also this repository as an idea list for future GSoC/SAoC. More details on this will be announced later.

Happy voting!