September 27
On 9/27/20 6:08 AM, tchaloupka wrote:
> Hi all, I've just pushed the updated results.

Thanks for continuing to work on this!

 vibe-core performs quite well -- scaling up with additional workers from 8 through 256, whereas vibe-d platform tops out around ~35,000-45,000 RPS irrespective of simultaneous workers (plateauing between 8-64 workers).

Given the outstanding performance of vibe-core it looks like there is room to continue to improve the vibe-d platform.

Cheers again for your work.
September 28
On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 12:10 PM tchaloupka via Digitalmars-d-announce <> wrote:

> ...
> Some results are a bit surprising, ie that even with 10 runs
> there are tests that are faster than C/dlang raw tests - as they
> should be at the top because they really don't do anything with
> HTTP handling.. And eventcore/fibers to beat raw C epoll loop
> with fibers overhead? It just seems odd..
>  ...

I do not see TCP_NODELAY anywhere in your code for raw tests, so maybe you should try that

September 29
On Monday, 28 September 2020 at 09:44:14 UTC, Daniel Kozak wrote:
> I do not see TCP_NODELAY anywhere in your code for raw tests, so maybe you should try that

I've added new results with these changes:

* added NGINX test
* edge and level triggered variants for epoll tests (level should be faster in this particular test)
* new hybrid server variant of ARSD (thanks Adam)
* added TCP_NODELAY to listen socket in some tests (client sockets should derive this)
* make response sizes even for all tests
* errors and response size columns are printed out only when there's some difference as they are pretty meaningless otherwise
* switch to wrk load generator as a default (hey is still supported) - as it is less resource demanding and gives better control over client connections and it's worker threads

Some tests insights:

* arsd - I'm more inclined to switch it to multiCore category, at least the hybrid variant now (as it's not too fair against the others that should run just one worker with one thread event loop) - see for discussion
  * ideal would be to add current variant to multiCore tests and limited variant to singleCore
* photon - I've assumed that it's working in a single thread, but it doesn't seems to (see
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