September 03
On Tuesday, 25 August 2020 at 15:58:46 UTC, Petar Kirov [ZombineDev] wrote:
> I think your article is quite valuable is it covers many aspects of template programming in D, while being quite approachable as well. May I suggest contributing it in some form to Contributing is as easy as opening a pull request to this repo: Just check the format of some of the other *.md and *.yml files there and you'll figure it out.
> We already have a section on templates there, but I think it's way too brief and doesn't do justice to the D's extensive template features. Perhaps it could be organized as a fully separate section with different articles, corresponding to each paragraph in your article.

I've written a more comprehensive tutorial for generic and compile time programming in D, and submitted a pull request to replace the current template material in the tour:

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