May 09, 2012
On Mon, 07 May 2012 12:41:09 -0300, Pierre LeMoine <> wrote:

> On Monday, 7 May 2012 at 12:36:18 UTC, Roald Ribe wrote:
>> If you are interested in getting results rather than
>> reinventing the wheel,
>> I would advice you to have a look at the wlink,
>> and the
>> forked jwlink as a starting point. The linker is open source,
>> written in
>> C and has user documentation (not source doc unfortunately).
>> Roald
> Thanks for the tip! :)
> What level of reinventing the wheel are we talking about? Did you
> suggest i fork (j)wlink or somesuch, or that i take a look at how
> it's implemented instead of reinventing from scratch? :)
> And does anyone know if wlink is able to link programs from dmd?
> I made a half-hearted attempt myself, but didn't manage to get it
> to work ;p
> /Pierre

I believed that this guy had done it already, but turns out it was
for the DMC compilers, not D. He might have some advice for you.

I can't really tell you what is best to acheive what you want.
Have a look at the sources, ask the  maintainers, evaluate the
supporting environment of the availale choices and find out.

The project also has a really nice debugger that
could support D if anyone made the neecessary changes.

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