April 01
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LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'Qt5Widgets.lib'
Building C:\Users\fruit\OneDrive\Desktop\Code\StateMachine\D--\d--.exe failed (error code 1181)!
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Just wondering where / what in settings to change and what folder to point it to. Thanks!

I'm making a public project on GitHub called D--.


It's not a language extension, but will include new tools for visualizing your code and even refactoring it. D is like a host language for it, and also the code it will generate naturally. It's most likely only going to support a subset of D, though I will strive for the full grammar. Hence D-- sounds about right! The name is a play on the C++ is to C analogy.

April 01

I see now.


has examples of where these libs are found within Qt itself.