June 14
After almost two years since initial release, the buffer is now available first time as a 1.1.X release in dub! X indicating the current patch version for hotfixes. It has become ever so difficult to differentiate it from an array due to its same size and usage, thus I'll call it an array henceforth. Please stay on the latest patch release for compatibility.

Dub: https://code.dlang.org/packages/elembuf
Repo: https://github.com/Cyroxin/Elembuf


* More simplified usage with function/delegate lambdas as sources.
* Support for more systems like AArch64 and WSL. (WSL will be dropped once WSL2 is available)
* Further documentation for advanced usage and dub.
* Repo benchmarks comparing a normal array to a circular array.  (repo/bench/implem)
* Bug fixes
* Experimental threaded buffer variant. Should only be used in real situations if it helps. For non-IO usage, it usually doesn't.