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Gravatar of SealabJasterLumars 1.1.1 & Lumarsh 0.2.2
18 hours ago
by SealabJaster
Gravatar of Mike ParkerThe Winners of the Last Two Prizes and Q & A Videos
5 days ago
by Mike Parker
Gravatar of MGWD + Qt + QtDesigner
5 days ago
by MGW
Gravatar of Brian CallahanLDC package now available on OpenBSD
5 days ago
by Brian Callahan
Gravatar of WebFreak001code-d 0.23.0
6 days ago
by WebFreak001
Gravatar of Walter BrightClasses in D with betterC
November 20
by Walter Bright
Gravatar of Mike ParkerDConf Online 2021 Links
November 19
by Mike Parker
Gravatar of Witold Barylukdmt: Python-like indentation in D programming language
November 16
by Witold Baryluk
Gravatar of Jacob Carlborg[Semi-OT] Cross-Platform GitHub Action 0.3.0 - NetBSD
November 16
by Jacob Carlborg
Gravatar of Mike ParkerHow to Get Your Groove On at DConf Online 2021
November 14
by Mike Parker